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A comprehensive freshfood guide to using fruits and vegetables in new and interesting ways. 

Eat Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables
For Fun and Vitality!

Learn why they can keep you healthy,

and how to easily include them in your

diet each day, helping you to get your

5 a day.

Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables
By Georgina Cundall
(About The Author)

From:  Jocelyn Hodgson

Do You Like Fruits and Vegetables?

For those who naturally like eating fresh fruit and vegetables, the thought of fresh, crisp, colorful salad, or a plate of deliciously cooked vegetables or even better, a variety of fresh fruit to choose from, sounds like the best food ever.

For the rest of you, those who know they should eat it but don't, the

answers to how to include them in your diet each day, and more

importantly, what to do with them so they taste good, can be found in

Georgina's book Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables.

For The How To On Fruit And Vegetables

Following her preparation tips, basic cooking methods and recipes will give you loads of new ideas on how to get your family to eat more of these fantastic, health giving foods.  Then, eating your 5 a day becomes

a pleasure not a chore.  Find out how to increase the amount of fresh food that you eat.


There are ideas on how to choose the best quality produce, how to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer and how to save money when shopping for your fruits and vegetables.

Good Health From Fruit And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of phytonutrients.  This phytonutrient content is one of the reasons that fruit and vegetables are so good for our health.  Increasing the amount of fresh whole food in the diet is a known method of increasing health.


It is quite well known that carrots are good for your eyesight, did you know that they are good for your heart as well?


Ever wondered what health benefits a particular fruit or vegetable had? 

Or which fruits might help reduce diarrhoea, or control blood pressure, or encourage good heart function?


Perhaps you would like to know which vegetables to eat to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, help your memory or achieve weight loss.


If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, they are found in Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables in the section on The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables.


Can you save money in your food budget by eating more fruits and vegetables?


Most probably. This book, Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables, includes tips on how to buy smart to cut the cost.  Suggestions on how to get your family eating fruit and vegetable snacks instead of expensive processed foods could be a winner for you in both saving money and producing better health.


Learning how to keep food fresh for longer will also help to cut costs in your food budget.


Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables could be just what you need to put your new, nutritious lifestyle into practice, and easily get your 5 a day.

Grab your copy now, and learn just how fantastic it is for your health to eat natural foods in fabulous fruits and vital vegetables. 


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